BOT Communications Committee

Board of Trustees Communications Committee

The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the overall mass communications of CanCham are:

  • Consistent with the mission statement and priorities of CanCham
  • Timely, relevant, effective, and efficient, for the purposes intended
  • Of appropriately high professional, technical and ethical standard

Mandate of Committee: To advise the Board of Trustees and report on implementation of CanCham’s overall mass communications strategy as well as its:

  • Media relations (including with radio, TV, newspapers and other publications)
  • Public electronic information (including website, e-letters & social networks)
  • Printed information (including magazines, directories & press releases)
  • Press conferences, special reports, infomercials and articles/op-editorials

For clarification, the mandate is to focus on mass communications to the members and the general public. It excludes specific communications to members, organizations, groups and/or individuals as part of CanCham’s advocacy activities.

Committee Membership:

The membership of the committee must include at least one (1) elected Trustee with an elected Trustee as Chairman of the committee. The Board may approve other persons who are not Trustees as members of the committee.

Current Members:

  • Ridsdel, John, Trustee and Chair of Committee
  • Lopa, Luigi, Trustee
  • Reambillo, Kat, Embassy of Canada