Regional Advisory Committees

Regional Advisory Committees

The purpose of the regional advisory committee is to encourage and facilitate inclusion of views of CanCham’s members and the surrounding regions in the advocacy activities and programs of CanCham. There are two regional advisory committees: Mindanao Advisory Committee; and Visayas Advisory Committee.

Mandate of Regional Advisory Committees: To provide the Board of Trustees and Officers with advice, comments and recommendations that reflect the interests and views of CanCham members resident and surrounding regions on:

  • Regional issues and concerns
  • Regional views on national issues and concerns
  • Activities and programs interests of the region

The membership of a regional advisory committee is composed of members of CanCham with business and/or principal residence located in the applicable region and members are appointed by the Board in consultation with regular members in the applicable region.

Current Members

Visayas Advisory Committee:

Jimmy Chua, Chairman  (Members to be updated)

Mindanao Regional Advisory Committee:

Manuel “Bobby” Orig, Chairman  (Members to be updated)