Membership Information

  • CanCham Membership is open to both corporate entities and individuals on a non-incorporate basis that have a Canada-Philippines business interest, regardless of country of incorporation, citizenship, or principal location/residence.
  • CanCham membership categories are standardized and unified with all CanCham members in any area and/or chapter within or outside the Philippines entitled to participate in activities arranged in any other area and/or by any other chapter, subject only to payment of standard participation fee that may be charged and limitations of total number of participants for a specific event.
  • There are three (3) general categories of membership: regular, affiliate, and honorary. Within the regular and affiliate membership categories there are sub-categories. Only regular members have voting rights at annual general and special meetings of the members and be eligible to hold elective and appointive office.
  • The Board approves the annual membership fee for each category and sub-category. With the exception of Honorary Membership, payment of an annual membership fee is a condition of membership. The Board may authorize a standard discount to annual membership fees for members with a principal place of business or where residing outside the National Capital Region.
  • The standard core benefits and entitlements for each category and sub-category of membership are approved by the Board.


The categories for Regular Members with voting rights are limited to and include only:

  • Corporate Members – Domestic and foreign companies as well as other organizations that apply on a corporate-basis;
  • Major Corporate Members – Domestic and foreign companies and other organizations that apply on a corporate-basis and choose to pay premium annual membership fee as major supporters of CanCham; and
  • Non-Corporate Members – Sole proprietorship, individual business persons, professionals and other persons who have Canada-Philippines business interests that wish to apply as individuals on a non-corporate basis.


The categories for Affiliate Members without voting rights include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Affiliate Major Corporate Members – Membership for branches of current Major Corporate Members located within the Philippines outside the Region in which the head office of the related Major Corporate Member” is located.
  • Affiliate Corporate Members – Companies and other organization incorporated in Canada or in other countries, excepting in the Philippines, that wish to apply on a corporate basis;
  • Affiliate Non-Corporate Members – Sole proprietorships, individual business persons, professionals or other persons residing in Canada or in other countries, excepting in the Philippines, who wish to apply as individuals on a non-corporate basis; and
  • Affiliate Student Members – Full-time students under age of twenty-eight (28) years studying in Canada, the Philippines, or other countries.