BOT Executive Committee

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

The purpose of the committee is to support efficient and timely management of CanCham’s governance and operations.

Mandate of Committee:

  • To review and recommend to the Board of Trustees (Board) all proposals to establish and the Terms of Reference for other committees, task-forces and work-groups
  • To act for and on behalf of the Board on specific matters that may be referred and delegated to it by the Board
  • To act for and on behalf of the Board on other matters in emergency situations where decisions are required before it is possible to convene a Board meeting (with such decisions to be ad referendum to the next Board meeting)

Members of Committee: The President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer

Current Members:

  • Julian Payne, President and CEO
  • Mercedes Laurel Marquez, First Vice President
  • Flora Naces, Second Vice President
  • Nilo Claudio, Third Vice President
  • Christopher Bell-Knight, Treasurer and CFO