Canada organizing more trade missions to Philippines

MANILA – Canada is priming the Philippines as one of its top global development and trade partners. In a press luncheon, Canadian Ambassador Neil Reeder today said his government has short-listed the Philippines among a group of countries with which greater trade relations would be pursued. The Philippines has been […]

JFC requests more international flights to Davao

CanCham joined AmCham, ECCP & JCCM in signing a letter to Philippines Airlines requesting start of direct flights from both Cagayan de Oro Davao to Hongkong to facilitate business and trade with Mindanao. CanCham President signed the joint letter to PAL on September 19 at the South Mindanao Growth and Investment Conference in […]

Gov’t warned vs hiking mining tax further

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines has cautioned the government against further raising taxes from the mining industry under the proposed reforms to the existing Mining Act, as this would only serve as a disincentive to many prospective investors. The Philippine government must also be equally restrictive with […]

CanCham opens Davao Chapter

CanCham will open a Davao office and establish a Davao chapter in 2014. Companies and individuals based in Davao with Canada-Philippines business interests are invited to apply for membership in CanCham. The President of CanCham, Mr. Julian Payne, will be in Davao on June 23-24. He will meet those who […]

CanCham appoints Governors for 2014-2015

May 8, 2014: CanCham’s Board of Trustees re-appointed the following as CanCham Governors for 2014-2015: James Dantow, Jack Gaisano, Doris Magsaysay-Ho, Roger Mandriak, Felino “Jun” Palafox, Celso Vivas, and Tito Yuchengco. Jess Dureza from Davao City was appointed as a  Governor for the first time. Other Governors (ex-officio) are Ambassador […]