Annual General Meeting of Members


  • An Annual General Meeting of the members is held at the principal office of CanCham or such other place in the National Capital Region of the Philippines as the Board may designate, not later than April 30 of every year.
  • Prior written notice of the date and place of an annual general meeting is sent to all members at least fourteen (14) days before the date of the meeting by courier, post, email or fax to all members at their addresses of record at CanCham.


  • The order of an annual general meeting includes but is not necessarily be limited to:Proof of service of the required notice of the meeting except when such notice is waived by the members constituting the quorum;

             – Proof of presence of quorum; Reports from:

             – The President; andThe Treasurer (including External Auditor’s Report)

  • Election of Trustees for the forthcoming year with nominations closed not earlier than seven (7) days after the notice of the meeting with call and procedures for nominations has been circulated to all members
  • Appointment of External Auditor
  • Any other matter submitted to the Corporate Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to date of the meeting.


  • Special meetings of the members may be called by the President or upon written petition of a majority of the elected Trustees, or a written petition on behalf of a majority of regular members.


  • At every annual general and special meeting of members, each regular member is entitled to one (1) vote. Other categories of members have no voting rights except in those cases where the law provides otherwise.
  • The voting rights of each Corporate Member and Major Corporate Member may be exercised by either the designated or alternate representative of the member.
  • Regular members may vote either in person or by a proxy authorization. Proxy authorizations are to be in writing and filed with the Corporate Secretary on or before scheduled start of an annual general or special meeting of the members.